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Steve Hickey

Transplant Type:  Lung

What if you were living on borrowed time? 

Steve Hickey needs help right now. In 2013, he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Unfortunately, the only treatment is a lung transplant. This past year, his health has begun to decline more rapidly, and doctors say the time for a double lung transplant is now. 

During such a challenging time, Steve is thankful for his wife, Kristen, their children, grandchildren, family, and friends. He wishes the focus could be on other things besides himself, but he is grateful for their love and support. Before his health began to worsen, he enjoyed his work writing and teaching, being active outdoors, fishing, making knives, and spending time with his grandchildren. These days his activities are quite limited, and he looks forward to being well enough to live his life fully again. His prayer is for a “second wind” meaning new lungs and an extension on life. More than anything, Steve wants to spend many more years with his loved ones, but right now, he needs your help.

Unfortunately, Steve’s hope for a new life comes at a very high price.

The average double lung transplant costs more than $1 million. And that is only the beginning. Even with health insurance, which will cover the cost of the transplant, he faces significant expenses. For the rest of his life, he will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications. Post-transplant medications are very expensive, not entirely covered by insurance or special programs yet they are as critical to his survival as the transplant itself. 

Steve, like many seeking transplants, lives a great distance from the transplant center. When he receives his transplant, Steve and Kristen will need to stay near the hospital for up to a year. Insurance covers none of those costs. This means they will need to rent an apartment and a car for six months to a year. It is a condition of transplant that he be in the vicinity of the transplant center during the waiting period and through recovery.

Steve and Kristen have partnered with The National Foundation for Transplants to help raise the funds needed for Steve to be able to move forward with his transplant. These include copays, medication costs, insurance premiums, as well as travel and temporary relocation expenses for the Steve and his caregiver. The transplant center will only proceed with Steve’s transplant when there is sufficient funding to cover these expenses so that he may follow the recovery protocol carefully. 

The National Foundation for Transplants is working with volunteers and supporters to help relieve the growing burden of expenses for Steve. The National Foundation for Transplants has been assisting transplant patients with fundraising support for more than 35 years. Your gift will enable The National Foundation for Transplants to provide Steve with the financial support he desperately needs. 

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation to the National Foundation for Transplants in honor of Steve.  

If you'd prefer to send your gift by mail, please send it to the National Foundation for Transplants, 3249 W. Sarazen’s Circle, Suite 100, Memphis, TN 38125.  Please be sure to write "in honor of Steve Hickey” in the memo line.

Thank you for your generosity!

Transplant Center:   Saint Joseph Hospital

If you have any questions about The National Foundation for Transplants, feel free to contact the staff at 800-489-3863.

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