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Maurice D. Williams

Transplant Type: Kidney

What if you were living on borrowed time?

Maurice Williams is awaiting a new lease on life. He was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure again back in 2020 and is on treatment to save his life. After battling through his illness as long as he could, Maurice was blessed enough to receive a kidney transplant a few years ago. Unfortunately, his hope for a new life was cut short when his new kidney began to fail. Now doctors say a second kidney transplant is critical for his survival.

During such a challenging time, Maurice is thankful to be surrounded by a strong support system of family and friends, who have been by his side every step of the way, providing much needed love and encouragement. While it’s been very hard for Maurice and his loved ones, these circumstances have also brought them closer together, strengthened their trust in each other, and given them perspective on what matters most in life. Maurice still enjoys singing, traveling, cooking, and baking, and continues to push through inspire of. Originally a family member was supposed to live donate but that is no longer the case and he now awaits another miracle. 

Maurice is looking forward to the transplant and knows God’s plan is for him to live a healthy life, that will allow him to have his life back and spend many more years with his family and friends, but right now, he needs your help.

Unfortunately, Maurice’s hope for a new life comes at a very high price.

The average kidney transplant costs approximately $442,000. And that’s only the beginning. Even with health insurance, which will cover the cost of his transplant, he faces significant expenses related to the surgery. For the rest of his life, he will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications. Post-transplant medications are very expensive, and they’re as critical to his survival as the transplant itself.

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation to the National Foundation for Transplants in honor of Maurice.

If you'd prefer to send your gift by mail, please send it to the NFT Florida Transplant Fund, 3249 W. Sarazen’s Circle, Suite 100, Memphis, TN 38125. Please be sure to write "in honor of Maurice Williams” in the memo line.

Thank you for your generosity!

Transplant Center: Advent Health

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