Lynnette has a heart transplant

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Two days ago, I received a heart transplant. Pls help w the expenses! Love you loads!


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Pee and poop

Update posted 9 months ago
Bodily functions are starting to wake up and lynnette goes to the potty without needing any medication!
1.5 months ago, my heart went into an abnormal heart rhythm. I stopped responding to the usual medication , couldn’t breathe and bloated up. I was in end stage heart failure. 

I waited in the cardiac icu to save my heart. But we couldn’t. Thank God for a perfect heart three days ago. 

I have woken up. I have fought the good fight. I finished the race. And I kept the faith. The Lord provided with a new heart. 

But we need help with the transplant expenses. Please help us ❤️❤️

These expenses include: operation expenses, speech therapy, physical therapy, mental health therapy, food, logistics, medications, cleaning supplies, support help etc. We hope you will spare a thought and donate something; anything small goes a long way to helping us. Thank you ❤️❤️

See you as Lynnette 2.0, better, stronger, more lovable.

I set this donation drive till my birthday because I want to enjoy a new lease of life on my 30th. 

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National Foundation for Transplants, Inc.

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